GNC Soft Gel Production Associate in Greenville, South Carolina

Job Summary

The Production Associateis to ensure production is met while adhering to specific procedures relating to the Soft Gel department. We have openings for the following positions:

  • Trayer Sorter

  • Washroom Attendant

  • Finishing Inspector

  • Material Handler

And the work shift and hours are:

Soft Gel

  • Shift A and B: 7a – 7p

  • Shift C and D: 7p – 7a

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Trayer Sorter

Tray up and Inspects capsules for rejects completing the required number of trays / stacks per shift. Clean sorter/changeover on code and lot changes. Move stacks to required areas. Accumulate all rejects into bins. Ensure that lots and capsules are not mixed. Complete all necessary paperwork. Operate hand jack to move finished product and supplies. Perform moisture checks with moisture analyzer per batch record instructions. Ensure work area is clean and organized. Knowledge and compliance of company policies and SOP's. Knowledge and understanding of all of cGMP's the relating to this position. Additional duties as assigned.

Washroom Attendant

Thoroughly wash metal baskets. Clean and wipe out gray bins. Ensure that all related encapsulation components and tanks are clean and ready for use as needed. Dispose of all trash. Maintain all department washrooms in a clean and orderly manner. Knowledge and understanding of all cGMP's relating to this position. Knowledge and compliance of company policies and SOP's. Assemble and disassemble valves. Collect, wash and deliver basket cloths. Thoroughly wash medicine tanks inside and out, tank valves and tank lids. Additional duties as assigned.

Finishing Inspector

Inspects capsules for rejects completing the required number of stacks per shift. Accumulate all rejects into containers. Ensure that lots and caps are not mixed. Move stacks to required area for staging. Must keep work area clean and free of stray / foreign capsules. Complete all necessary paperwork. Must have knowledge and understanding of all of the cGMP's relating to this position. Must have knowledge and compliance of company policies and SOP's / work instructions. Additional duties as assigned.

Material Handler

Operate the forklift safely and efficiently. Load trucks, unload trucks, order, pick, return and stage all materials required/scheduled for the department. Remove empty skids from the warehouse. Perform all required inventory transactions in the computer or as required and cycle count. Communicate with Shift Supervisor, Material Coordinator, Clerk/Purchasing Agent and other Operators at the shift change as to your progress, raw material information and expectations. Perform proper paperwork for bill of lading, UPS, Federal Express or other outside carriers as required. Unstack material as required by the department. Additional duties as assigned.

Job Specifications


  • Must have a High School diploma or equivalent

  • A current temporary associate with at least 3 months of work experience

Skills and Abilities

  • Good communication skills and reasoning abilities are required.

  • Must be able to add, subtract, multiply, divide, read, and write.

  • Be self-motivated and able to work with minimum supervision and be well organized.

  • Must have the ability to work well with others.

  • Frequently required to stand, walk and use both hands and fingers.

  • Must have the ability and knowledge to operate a machine. Occasionally required to climb or balance on stools or ladders.

Work Environment / Travel / Physical Demands

  • Manufacturing environment

  • Required to stand, and or walk for extended periods of time

  • Ability to push, pull, lift and move various weights limits in a safe manner

  • Ability to climb and balance on stools and ladders

  • Use of fingers and hands